There will always be pain :( The latest project in getting the rack back to its former computing glory we have the need for a new and revitalized storage server. We PLANNED to use OpenFiler to provide Fibre Channel targets to our servers. Well before we could even do that we had to install all the new parts and cables then configure the RAID card with some of our 1.5TB drives we had laying around. Well here comes the first issue.

When trying to boot the system the RAID card cant get past the kernel loading phase and just sat there. After troubleshooting, researching, reloading the firmware using a USB floppy disk drive, yeah i went there, no freak’n luck. Then I decide to remove the cables. It works! So added the drives back to the system, connect the cables, and reboot. Were back to square 1 DAM! I know this card, an Adaptec 31605, can utilize these 1.5s because they use to be in a R6 volume using the very same card. Then i thought about what I had to do to get them to work. The card has the latest firmware but guess what. The sweet ass Dell 2950 Gen II system I have doesn’t have the latest BIOS or backplane firmware :( So i guess were using 500GB drives. Since i don’t feel like updating the firmware by using Win-blows and they didn’t find a floppy/flash upgrade option I decided to continue on with the build by installing Openfiler.

Aighty now were cooking. We got the system installed, LACP configured, were pinging in and out…yeah were good baby. OK lets take a look around here and get FC Targets configured. We drop to the command shell and check out the forums on how the hell to do this….QLogic nah I got an Emulex PCI-E card…what there is no support for Emulex……in Openfiler……IM GOING TO BED!

Well what can we do now. I look around and I have used ZFS before as you may know from some of my previous posts.  I have looked into OpenSOlaris but didn’t feel like learning a new OS. WELL guess what, since im not buying a QLogic card right now and I want this bad boy up and storing stuff. I guess its high time to crack open a book or two. Yeah kI know reading a book is not the shortest route but think of the benefits. Plus, fuck Windows. So I snagged a copy of the Open Indiana and the Open Solaris Bible after I read the first page I started to write this entry. I’m so focused right now (sarcasm). I will get through it and practice as I go. If anything this is good for me. I will learn an Enterprise OS environment just in case I need it in the future. Now I gotta learn a new OS’ networking setup all over again. Also I installed the server edition…NO GUI BABY!!!!!!