Email Migration – Done

Billing System – Done

Now on to the next project  Rack Consolidation. We have a few list of projects that we want to get done and this is more of a spring cleaning for our development rack. The goal is to…well consolidate and virtualize some of our servers into one system. We choose Open Solaris and we are still learning it, but it offers us the capability to run storage and virtualization in one box. Of course there is the almighty ZFS offering but the virtualization aspect is new for us on this platform and will just add to our knowledge. Sadly the Open Solaris project is a bit dead but thankfully it has forked into Open Indiana which I believe is based off of Open Illumos. We mainly like it for the storage aspect though.

Storage arrays well be color coded to keep track of all the disk as far as speed and which array they are apart of.

Yellow = 146GB 15K SAS (High Speed VM Storage)
Orange = 146GB 10K U320 SCSI (Moderate Speed Unimportant Storage/Secondary Data Backup/Moderately Compressed)
Pink = 500GB/1.5TB 7.2K SATA (Moderate Speed Important Storage/Primary Data Backup)
Green = 1.5TB 5.4K SATA (Archive Storage/Tertiary Data Backup/Highly Compressed)
White =160GB 7.2K SATA (OS)

Yellow is for VMs that require high speed writes/reads.
Pink will hold most of our software repository like OS images, some VMs, Primary backups of VMs from the Yellow array
Orange will hold the everyday unimportant/light use data like Music, Documents, Temporary Customer backups, and whatever else and will be compressed to conserve space.
Green will be archive storage for all other arrays data and will be highly compressed making it a good place for old stuff we keep around just to have like older copies of Ubuntu or our documents and what have you.
White is the main root pool that will not store anything but the OS and its necessary files.

While designing and planning this we will work to get our phone system up and running again. As we feel it is time to begin using that again.