This storage server has been a back and forth ordeal and I was kicking my self profusely trying to find what the hell has gone awry here. Well after spending more money :( getting another HBA for the SCSI enclosure and finding that the card doesn’t work for my purpose, which was a serious downer. I just ordered the PCI-X riser for the 2950 so i can use some of the old cards I have lying around. In the mean time i started getting errors about memory and the CPU from the LCD on the front…WTF!!!! I just got these Procs (at a bargain) and one is bad. Sorry to say i got them from two different vendors so the packing is mixed up and scattered around my work space. It was confirmed when i used memtest and the box froze completely after the first pass. I took out one proc and reran it then left it. I will check on it later, but that’s crazy.

This might explain the I/O Whoas issue with the storage array. Meaning that the first RAID card may not have been an issue after all. Hmmmm…DAMMIT!!! Well i shall move forward and replace the proc after I run a multi pass memtest to make sure the current proc is still good.


Well a little after I wrote the first portion of this I found that the 8GB of mem that I had may have been the issue but even after testing further I got an error that shows that one of the DIMM slots may have been an issue. So I reseated everything and tested again after deciding to re-purpose the box and oddly enough it passed 4 tests no issues in mem test nor on the Dell LCD. O well I don’t care to make this a storage server any more so it will do as is and since it passed the memtest i guess its good for a dev box. :)