NEVER!! As long as i keep learning something new i will continually update and change the configuration of this rack. I have found myself asking that question and finally i understand why its never finished. Im always finding new projects and as a company we are continually tested by our customers.

So this will never be done in a sense that nothing will be added but some day it wont be changed ever again…like when im dead for instance :).  So with this current change I am adding two Sunfire x4100 M2 servers. Converting our old production VM server to a storage server using FreeNAS w/ ZFS, Adaptec U320 SCSI and 5 series SAS controllers, a Chenbro SAS Expander that will be housed in a Supermicro case later on with a JBOD board. Then I will use the Dell 2950 as test bed for my new venture into programming/scripting.

I finally stopped fighting it and said FUCK IT, DO IT LIVE! its time to roll with the big boys. So that box will be my learning platform for Open Solaris and ruby shell scripting. Im hoping to create a search engine like Google’s Search Appliance that will index all the information across the various systems we use to run our business. From File shares to web based information. Should be easy right? Well im gonna take baby steps and do a few Hello World programs first.

The Sunfire boxes are awesome with the iLOM boards that allow me to do remote power functions and even watch the server boot from BIOS as if a screen was directly attached to it OUT OF THE BOX! I know a lot of exclamation points but im excited. This will be a great learning platform for us and we will build on it as always.

Time for show an tell

(click on pics for a bit of a description)