We have been working with our customers a lot lately which is good for us. Some are requiring more servers and we are happy to oblige them of course.

So far FreeNAS is our distro of choice for storage systems on the Dell Power Edge 840 systems. Hot swap is nice if you can get it. A low end model with a Xeon dual core proc, 1GB of RAM, no hdd, no hot swap start at $100 with shipping. This is great for small offices. Then all that is needed is an 8GB flash drive for ~$10  off newegg and some HDDs of your choice. Using ZFS to RAID the drives from their. Compression enabled makes the disk space last longer as well. Which is a plus for small businesses wanting to get the most from their storage. We are going to start working with the RD1000 for take home backups of the most important data on the storage server as well.

Next is more monitoring and log shipping for or user’s systems. We will offer it as a free service for simple monitoring like logs to emails and interface outages on important ports. With Cacti and an SMTP relay this isn’t hard to do we just need the back end built out for it. Which is the reason for the dev racks VM servers.

Our documentation skills have improved as well. We document with detail and it has helped us out a great deal when troubleshooting. So we use Open Atrium with a group for each customer to help us keep the info seperate and to allow for customer interaction later if we choose.

So were hanging in there and making improvements to the company, our services, and ourselves as well. PEACE, LOVE, and HIGH SPEED DATA TRANSFERS